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The paralegals of Robie & Matthai were chosen because of the particular expertise they provide. From sophisticated knowledge of e-discovery and document management, to auditing financial records, to finding the most obscure information, our paralegals are an integral part of the Robie & Matthai team.

Diane Schoettl Lim Diane E. Lim

Diane Schoettl Lim came to Robie & Matthai following a career as a bank officer, controller and auditor. Her ability to analyze financial records provides an early look at the relevant financial issues. Often her work serves as the basis for settlement positions, avoiding the need for expert expense. When financial experts are needed, Diane's background enables the firm to better direct that work, saving on expert expense. More than once, Diane has quickly recognized major problems in financial records, enabling us to either minimize problems for our clients or take maximum advantage of the opposing party's defalcations. Diane not only works with experts in the accounting field; she also works closely on many of our cases with our expert attorneys, doctors, contractors, engineers, appraisers, investigators and toxicology experts.


Melody Rose Melody Rose

Melody Rose, who holds multiple masters degrees, has worked as a paralegal since 1974. There is no one who can do a better job of finding information than Melody. She seems to know every governmental agency that keeps data and can cut through the bureaucracy to obtain the data in admissible form. Her ability to persuade people to provide information is uncanny---an example, when a question arose, during trial, about a proceeding in Ohio, Melody reached the handling U.S. attorney (that day) and discovered that the office file no longer existed, but that he had the needed information on his home computer. She convinced him to go home, print the documents and overnight them to California. When an expert testified at trial that he had written the second half of a treatise after the named author's death, Melody persuaded the author's widow to travel from New York to California to testify that she had typed the chapters from her deceased husband's notes. Melody has repeatedly found that opposing expert's resumes have been inflated and given us the information to prove it. She has frequently found testimony previously given by opposing experts that contradicts their testimony against our client. We often refer to Melody as our secret weapon.


Technical Staff

Benny Hansen Benny Hansen

Benny Hansen is our "techie." He not only keeps all of our computers in top form, but also helps make sure that the technology needed for coordination with counsel is in place and without glitches. In several cases in which the firm has partnered with large, national firms, Benny's expertise has led all to ask that he provide the technology needed for the case. He keeps our trial presentation equipment (the firm does not use a vendor) in top working order and has installed everything necessary for trial presentation quickly and easily working around the requirements of the court. He and our paralegal staff make sure that the material to be presented is prepared in a way that mid-trial problems are a rarity.



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